Saturday, January 28, 2006

Vote Of Thanks

Ladies & Gentleman,
it is my pleasure to thank everyone who has contributed for my success .

First of all I would like to thank the corner street boys. Whose Comments initially were disturbing, but I started enjoying it with passing time, it seemed to be a compliment. They are the one’s who made me feel that I am a beautiful & desired woman on earth. This boosted my confidence with the Boost which is advertised by Kapil, then Sachin which I drank daily in the morning to take part in this beauty contest.

Secondly I want to thank my mom , for my fantastic 32-24-34 figure.. Earlier I hated the way she cooked, so that I could not eat even a morsel, but now I truly thank her for non delicious food. Which render me a marvelous figure.

Next I would like to thank my dad, for giving me such a meager pocket money, I could only buy a half a meter cloths which boosted my confidence in wearing short & appealing costume entire life which was indeed helpful for the contest.

I want to thank my boy friend for his support without his coaching it was impossible to kiss my co contestant so passionately.

I want to thank thank

Get up, it is already 8.30 a.m. I will get your coffee.. Daily I am warning you not to sit late in front of computer blah blah blablah blah bla *****************

Mom will you stop shouting at me, u have woke me up from my beautiful dream, I was half a way through my vote of thanks.

Note :- Vote of thanks to be continued in my next dream hehehe

Line maro:-- Do u believe in love at first sight, or u want me to come again;)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Resolution

Oh No, this is my first post in 2006.
Happy new year to everyone. When I think of new year,new year resolution come to my mind.
I have made a resolution for the year 2006.....

My Resolution for this Year - 1024 by 768 pixels!!!!!!hehehe

What's yours??? Before some more PJ's lemmi hop some blogs.. Missing all those stuff from sometime.