Monday, December 11, 2006

Unfavorable beauty week

This week my stars dint favor me for beauty treatment. Everywhere it was goofed up.

Starting with eyebrows, instead of looking like two bows, the beautician messed up & made it a straight line. (Not exactly, but I dint liked the shape she gave). Thanks to my sunglasses.

Next, waxing. Instead of heating wax, beautician irritated me with cold wax. She took 1 hour to wax legs & hands. I swear not to try new beautician next time.

In second beauty parlour, she had given good facial but goofed up with money.

Third beauty clinic, it is one famous hair dressing parlour; it is a designer hairdressing clinic. Here the mistake is unpardonable. Hair dresser shortened my hair, which I nurtured for a year in order to straighten & color.

While sitting in front of my dressing table, & analyzing the errors by beauticians, I was thinking if there were some Astro speak (astrology ) column for beauty treatment in News Paper.

ARIESMar21-Apr20Try not to get eyebrows, waxing by new parlour, it may go wrong as you would be wasting your time & energy. Keep your eyes gazing into the best parlour so that in future, it will surely come in handy to you. Be very careful while paying your bill in parlour else you may be duped. It is not a favorable time for hair designing. Else your celebrations mood will be interrupted this chain reaction of your mental state will reflect on your work. Refuse to be inhibited by negative situations or comments, maintaining this dynamic mood.
Lucky days for beauty treatments: 12th, 14th and 17