Wednesday, November 30, 2005

When Men say/ What they think

1. I don¡Çt want to marry working gal. It is your choice = You stupid, Why do I think I am in love with you(Colleague) , before I met you, I have seen your pay slip which attracted me more than you. else I would have fallen in love with my neighbor so beautiful.

2. I like a gal who loves my family, I love my parents, they are more than anything to me = You stupid if u don¡Çt behave well with my parents, my mom she is a modern lady, she may donate whole property to some old age home. I love my parent¡Çs property.

3. I don¡Çt see a beauty in a women , I like simple, soft spoken gal = Who will keep a watch dog on you, Agar ghar me he achcha kana mile tho bahar ka restaurant ka kya hoga? . Mera karnaama dekh kar chup baitne wali chahiye samji tum.

4. I am seeing a good friend in a gal = I know me very well,no one else can stand me, atleast dosti nibhane ke liye wo thodi adjust karegi

5.Don¡Çt want to marry for next five years = I want to flirt for 5 years with out any responsibility

6. I love you so much. I was missing you Honey = I was missing Sex so badly

7. Till sex they will hug you, once over they will say, let us play Rock & Roll. Rock & Roll, Rock & Roll , they will push you down the bed, they will keep one Rock under the bed & they will sleep grrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, November 28, 2005

TP time :)


Hi friends, Everybody keep your Lal sheesha (Red mirror ) Ready.Shekhar Kapoor is Casting me in his movie Ms. India. hehhehe Friends just Kidding, I got this idea from Uttara Ms. Ghayab..
I was out on some emergency Project.. Will discuss it later :). Even I missed you all lot.. Hugzzzz...

We had some joke section during lunch hour with my buddies.. I wanna share some with u all Girly jokes, Some % of NV too
Contributed by myself, Yash, Deep, Preeti

Joke 1
Lady1:- Jab tumara divorce hua tha, tab ek hi bachcha tha, Abh theen kaisa
Lady2:-- Woh kabhi kabhi maafi mangne aa jaate hai hehehehhe

Lady1 :--- Howcome your husband is always home on time??
Lady 2:---I have made a simple rule. SEx will be at 9 P.M sharp whether u r here or Not

dad:-- Beta , tume kaisa biwi chahiye
beta:-- dad, muje chand jaisa biwi chahiye, Jo raat ko aaye, aur subaha chale jaaye hehehe


It is said one should not take worry to bed, But many woman sleep with thier husband hehehehee

Q:-- what if Mallika sherawat plays the role of draupadi in Mahabharat?

A:-- Duryodhan would say "Pehle isko kapde pehnao, tabhi to wastra haran karunga"

Joke 6

Twins in a Womb
Twin 1:--- Dad Came dad came
Twin 2:--- It is not dad, It is Uncle, Dad dont wear rain coat heheheheh

Dirty mind, now its enuf Take care friends, Have a Good day..

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My favourite Madhuri Numbers..

Be it a cultural program in school, collage or hostel , it has to be Madhuri's Number.. grew up with madhuri's moments.. There may be n number of times, sprained legs & hands while trying to match up with Dance diva..

Some of my Madhuri's favourite..
1. Cholii ke piichhe kyaa hai, cholii ke piichhe (Kal Nayak) --- Those Jatka matka Wow oh lala

2. Meraa piyaa ghar aayaa, o raamajii (Yaarana) ------Jatka matka Facial expression

3. Ek do tiin, chaar paa.Nch chhe saat (Tejab) ---- Should I mention here;) ;)

4. Diidii teraa devar divaanaa haay raam ku.Duyo.n ko Daale daanaa (HAHK)--- Those Hip moments

5.Dhak-dhak karane lagaa, moraa jiyaraa Darane lagaa (Beta) --- Oh la la No coments

6. maaii ne maaii mu.NDer pe tere bol rahaa hai kaagaa (HAHK)---- Those innocent expressions

7. Ankhiyaan milaaoon kabhi ankhiyaan churaaoon Kya tune kiya jaadu(Raja) ---- Rocking & rolling the eye moments

8. Dola Re Dola Re Dola Re Dola (Devdas) ---- Aish was better

9. dekha hai pahali baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyar (Saajan)---- Again facial expressions

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Are Indian's Different

Indians are the oldest to lose the Virginity at the average age of 19.8 years. What is the big deal?

Need not be proud on these claims. Mr. Surveyor. Don’t have to mistake with Ramaism(Stalk on one partner).
If given the opportunity, Indians will lose virginity at 9 years.

Virginity is not a dignity or a security, it is just a lack of opportunity.

1.Indians believe in spending quantity time with the partner than the quality time

2. 95% of time the couple spend their time in fighting & arguing for silly reasons

3. Major problem with Indians is lack of privacy, parents & society restriction.

4. Like US UK, people does not own a car to carry on the Job.

5. They get so less pocket money, majority can hardly plan a single movie for entire month.

6. If they dare to find a plan ground, they are watched by big brothers (cops)

7. If they chose a bush, they are haunted by Snakes

8. If they gather courage to book a room in a hotel, they are worried about Cops raid.

9. If they steal some private moment in a car, they are knocked by patrolling cops (Monsoon Wedding)

10. If they spend some quite moment on beaches, they are troubled by eunuch (Hizda's) , also cops raping them.(Marine Drive incident)

11. If they dare to go to each other's home, then there will be atleast one ailing grandparents at home, who act as a security guard..

Chalo chale kahi door chale pyaar ke liye jagah teek nahi. Indian's are no different from rest.

We dare courage too. We are too calculative. We have lesser vision.. If We roam with some guy, We want to get marry with that person, not bothered whether we are compatible, we can spend whole life with each other.

If we were different then India would not be second highest in the world population?. Indian don’t encourage Sex education in school to their children. They just believe in dark room ACT. Not only children need right education , but also the adults, street dwellers need the education & punishment too, for expanding the population, who does not have right to get a innocent life on earth if they cant feed, educate, give basic necessity to the children they are responsible for.

Even some politician also need some education, for supporting these slum dwellers & expanded family which they look up as a voting bank instead of threat to the country.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I M back to blogville

Hi friends, I was down with cold & cough.. I am back now. I am tagged again by my buddy Hirdu. Here I go with my 20 things.

1. I have immense faith in god. I am very religious.My friends get shocked to know this. I display dual character.

2. I am very stubborn. It is an inherited quality from my Zodiac Aries.

3. I am not environmental conscious.. I am least bothered of what people think & bla bla. I truely believe in "Its my life"..

4. I am Very Very emotional, I can cry for anyone on this earth for thier problem.

5. I cannot sleep in afternoon's. I dont let my roommates too. Max time I grant 5 to 10 min. Then I start disturbing. One can see all M.F hussein's painting on thier faces if the granted time is extended.

6. I ignore when some one hurt me, If I take to my heart then I plan worst. I hatch plan to kill them. Or kill myself to trouble them. I think of bieng suicide bomb or even joining some terror outfit.

7. I have black mole on my tongue. If I say something many times it come true..

8. I don't believe in ghost. I am not scared too. I feel I am the big devil.

9. I have not fought with my sibblings till now. They are too close to my heart.

10.I believe in Destiny.

11.Some people have misused me for thier selfish needs. This pains me a lot all the time.

12. I am not greedy. I have my own boundaries.

13. My friends feel I am big flirt. I act like that when in a company. In fact I dont have much interest in handsome hunks.

14. I like a gutsy guy with sense of humour. I hate coward guys.

15. I dont regret for any of my action. I have all the reason for my action.

16. My first crush was my classmate. The quality which attracted me is his lazzyness,bunking classes, Daring nature.

***I fought for him with placement officier when he was debarred from holding infosys job & banned him for attending any more placement interviews cause he attended the infy interview even though his cut off % was less than 65%. I am proud to say that I won & placement officier appreciated my guts.

17. I strongly believe rules are made to break.

18. I never like gandhiji & his teaching. I am inspired with real heroes. I am a fan of Gaurav Sabnis a blogger for his courage to hold his stand.

19. There is no word impossible in my dictionary. I know If I want I can make it possible the immpossible.

20. I regret for not getting into IIT's. May be little more preparation & hard work could make my dream true.