Thursday, November 17, 2005

My favourite Madhuri Numbers..

Be it a cultural program in school, collage or hostel , it has to be Madhuri's Number.. grew up with madhuri's moments.. There may be n number of times, sprained legs & hands while trying to match up with Dance diva..

Some of my Madhuri's favourite..
1. Cholii ke piichhe kyaa hai, cholii ke piichhe (Kal Nayak) --- Those Jatka matka Wow oh lala

2. Meraa piyaa ghar aayaa, o raamajii (Yaarana) ------Jatka matka Facial expression

3. Ek do tiin, chaar paa.Nch chhe saat (Tejab) ---- Should I mention here;) ;)

4. Diidii teraa devar divaanaa haay raam ku.Duyo.n ko Daale daanaa (HAHK)--- Those Hip moments

5.Dhak-dhak karane lagaa, moraa jiyaraa Darane lagaa (Beta) --- Oh la la No coments

6. maaii ne maaii mu.NDer pe tere bol rahaa hai kaagaa (HAHK)---- Those innocent expressions

7. Ankhiyaan milaaoon kabhi ankhiyaan churaaoon Kya tune kiya jaadu(Raja) ---- Rocking & rolling the eye moments

8. Dola Re Dola Re Dola Re Dola (Devdas) ---- Aish was better

9. dekha hai pahali baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyar (Saajan)---- Again facial expressions


uttara said...

whooopppppppsssssss me first .. yepieeeeeeeee

howz ya babes am good quite busy !!!


Dreamgirl said...

have u seen tis one??
Humko aajkal hai intezaar..koi aaye leke pyaar..... Sailaab..
Awesome expressions..&..great dance by madhuri!!!

Keshi said...

awww Madhuri's smile can kill a man from it's beauty...goshhh she's one pretty woman!

From the movies u mentioned above, I have only seez Tejab and both those songs, she is just awesome! She can dance soooo well...and she's sexy!

Pity she does not act anymore...


Arz000n said...

I think from the list of songs mentioned here, ma fav is

Dola Re Dola Re Dola Re Dola

And boy-o-boy, both the ladies look so haawwtt...and the dance steps are so awesome that I dont even feel like flicking ma eyes while watching this song.

"Dil-do la re....dola la re... dola...dil-do la...dola re dolaaaaaa"


PuNeEt said...

oohoooo U got the real hot numbers on ur countdown...

Ye the one mentioned by dreamgirl...frm Sailaab is hot too ;-)

do u remember tama tama loge wth Sanjay Dutt...

Madhuri has a class when it comes to dancing...

Its friday n me feel like dancing now...


Vanathi said...

Good songs...

Pallavi said...

I LOVE THIS WOMAN..if i were to be a guy i would take her, run away and marry her. hehehe...

Pinki said...

Seems u r a real big fan of Madhuri :)

Nice post, I must say!!

I love "mai ni mai" from HAHK and "18 baras ki kawari kali" from anjaaam of hers :)

Keshi said...

lol ur too cute Pallavi :)


Arz000n said...

Where is Boldy ??

PuNeEt said...

ooye are u still dancing to the tune of Madhuri nos...

waitng for u

uttara said...


hey babes......howz ya !!!

am here .. kaha ho tum???????? jaldi aaaaoooo wapas !!!

n yeh i like madhuri ka thumkas .. i used to dance on her nos lol .. at school .. loll



Heena ... said...

Well 'ello there,

Enjoyed your post... I think every dancer in this age worships Madhuri for the memorable dance numbers she's given us.

I think Ek Do Teen.. was where it started for me. I've been dancing ever since.

You visited my blog a long time ago, but I hadn't replied since I've quit that blog I write in a new one now... and I hadn't cruised by the old one which I did today, accidently and noticed your comment... So thanx for passing by...

[Still dancing to her tunes]

Keshi said...

now where r ya sweety?

mi manchi :(


Arz000n said...

Where is Boldy?
You are not even replying to offlines


I'm hurt




uttara said...

boldyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ( am screaming my lungs out )
where r u ??

hey sweets wat happnd ???? kisiko tapkane gayi hai kya ????

hey come bk soon na ..
am missing u


Sudarshan said...

Hehe yea..madhuri was a legend lol..quiet a few of the songs u mentioned here were my favorites too!!
anyways nice post..keep posting!!

Keshi said...

new posty plzzzzzzzzz :)


saby said...

madhuri dikshit

saby said...

i go for REKHA