Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Day in my life
There is no work mood this whole week. We are simply enjoying our Diwali spirit. Tomorrow is one of the colleagues (Samir's)last working day. So gave him a farewell party in Sports bar(pheonix mill). Party continued till 12 to 4 p.m. mind you we are working today hehehe. Came back to office @ 4.30 p.m. After a heavy lunch & bowling who has mood to dig into PC. Straight away to canteen. Had some strong coffee for keeping self awake. Collected Diwali gift too. Later @ 5 p.m had a short meeting with Manager. 5.25 p.m left office.

Har Roz agar Diwali hote....
kaam office me null hota...
Khaane ko milte laddoo,
Aur duniya kehti...Happy Diwali to you!

Tomorrow is Traditional day. I am in total mood. Again tomorrow is Samir's treat. So we are going to freak out again. I am sure that we are going to miss Samir. He is one happy go lucky kinda guy. Some how now I am used to this type of environment. People come, people go, again new people come, so life continues. :). At the end it is just you.

song for the moment :- Jeene ke hain chaar din, baaqi hain bekaar din
Hey jeene ke hain chaar din, baaqi hain bekaar din
Jaaye jaaye, jaaye jaayeEk baar jo jaaye,
jawaani phir na aayeHey hey, jawaani phir na aaye

Monday, October 16, 2006

Color Days

lots of celebrations going on in office for Diwali. We have color days. And I am over enthusiastic to participate. Today was Salman Khan's day. Shhhhhh dress code is not a shirtless but it was Black.

I wore a black western suit. I got many wows, Many dashing, striking, rocking compliments. let me see whether I will win a prize for Best dressed female.

Tomorrow is Govinda day. I have finished modelling . I am going to wear shocking pink trouser (My friend exclusively got for me from Dubai hehehe) & a Flouroscent Green T, want to wear Red blazzer as I dont have Yellow one in my ward robe :(.

Day after tomorrow (wednesday) is Jumping Jack Jeetu's day. No prize for guessing the color. Ya u got it its "White". I will wear white chick Kurta , churidar courtasy my tailor if he makes ready the suit. Else hunt for some other white's in my ward rob.

Finally on thursday Traditional day. I will wear Saree ;). Blood Red embroidary saree, accessories gold jewellary.

I wish everyday we have a color days so that I dont have to stand in front of ward robe for 15 min's & think which dress to wear hehehehe.

During my color Days week, I would like to sincerly thank my maid for her patience folding all the costumes which is unfolded & thrown during my modelling trials at home hehehehe
I will post pics in my coming post.

Song for the moment :-- Rang barse beege chunariwali rang barse.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Ways Of Reading Novel in Workplace

As Hirdu says ye BnB baaz nahin aayegi. I myself have to say that to me hehehe

I was reading Memoirs of Geisha, I got so addicted I travelled in train whole week to catch up with reading process. One day I could not just stop it reading, I was hiding the book inbetween the PC & my bag & was reading with one eye. One of my colleague was so enquisitive to know what I am upto he messaged me "I know you are at some mischief ". I gave a blank smile.

I could not concentrate on my work. I went to rest room locked myself in loo & started reading the book. 30 mins I was inside the loo(Thanks to room freshner :)). The rest room attender was wondering what has happened to me. Thank god I came out. Else they would have broken the door.

moral to me:- Next time while I hook up with novel in loo , just to inform rest room attendent that I have major constipation problem:)

hum-ming:- Bedi chalayi leh jigar se piya Jigar maabadi aag hai