Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Day in my life
There is no work mood this whole week. We are simply enjoying our Diwali spirit. Tomorrow is one of the colleagues (Samir's)last working day. So gave him a farewell party in Sports bar(pheonix mill). Party continued till 12 to 4 p.m. mind you we are working today hehehe. Came back to office @ 4.30 p.m. After a heavy lunch & bowling who has mood to dig into PC. Straight away to canteen. Had some strong coffee for keeping self awake. Collected Diwali gift too. Later @ 5 p.m had a short meeting with Manager. 5.25 p.m left office.

Har Roz agar Diwali hote....
kaam office me null hota...
Khaane ko milte laddoo,
Aur duniya kehti...Happy Diwali to you!

Tomorrow is Traditional day. I am in total mood. Again tomorrow is Samir's treat. So we are going to freak out again. I am sure that we are going to miss Samir. He is one happy go lucky kinda guy. Some how now I am used to this type of environment. People come, people go, again new people come, so life continues. :). At the end it is just you.

song for the moment :- Jeene ke hain chaar din, baaqi hain bekaar din
Hey jeene ke hain chaar din, baaqi hain bekaar din
Jaaye jaaye, jaaye jaayeEk baar jo jaaye,
jawaani phir na aayeHey hey, jawaani phir na aaye


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How do we know said...

Enjoy the Diwali spirit !

Keshi said...

Happy Diwali BnB I missed ya!


Jeseem said...

party .. party ...

Tanushree said...

hey party spirit...
now again back to that boring routine...
keep enjoy ..
jeena isika naam hai..

shruti said...

masti marne ke chaar din khtam now again that broing routine...
hope you enjoyed a lot..

pallavi said...

hey my father has a transfarable job i also kept moving with him log aye log gaye maine bhi yahi socha tha ki now im used to that.but when i came for my graduation and after completing it i think im not used to that.... but still rock the party

Ekta said...

wowe...hey looks like ur having a blast these days...keep the fun on!

Arz000n said...

Boldy piezzzzzzzzzzz

Hows u doing gal??

Im good here....been such a long time havent spoken to you :(

Miss u loads :((

Boldnbeautiful said...

@How do we know ...Thanks, wish u too had a great time :)

@Keshi... Thanks Babe, Hey me too missed you. Hugs

@Jeseem ... hehehe Njoying life is something must for me :))

Tanushree ... yes back to boring routine :(

shruti ... Yepp enjoyed a lot, We dont need reason to enjoy. My team is too big, so we hunt reason to celebrate hehehe

pallavi ... :) life is better after graduation too
No need to count on pocket money atleast hahaha

Ekta ... Hey so nice to see u sweety.Hugs

Arz000n ... Hey Zoonie I am too fine & where are u?

I too Missed u :((