Monday, February 27, 2006


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bird flu Before & After

Latest Terrorist Threat

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What a man is waiting for!!

A woman who is a perfect "10"

A woman who can cook like his mother.

A woman who keeps a clean house.

A woman who does not nag.

A woman who can stretch a dollar.

A woman who can work all day

and dance all night.

A woman who will love only him.

He is still waiting!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ye Ishq nahi asaan

Some of the city has witnessed how some political orzanisation distrupted Valentine's day celebration. My Valentine day had some added bonus of fun. I was amused hehehe.

In some cities the culture cops were roaming with garland. Reason if they find any couple, they wanted to get them married on the spot ha ha ha

In some cities they were roaming with camera. To click the snap & show to thier parents.

How to celebrate Valentine's day? Tips from wise

“I will fast on Tuesday for Lord Ganesha. At night, I will have sweets at home along with my wife,” said Mr.X.“Anyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day this way,” said Mr.X.
My Comments :-- oh is it?Fast on Valentine's day????Oh My Lord Ganesh!!!!!!!!! Please save us from self defined moral pOlice.

We are not opposed to youngsters having love affairs. They can exchange roses or til-gud on this day. But we don’t like our culture being corrupted by these youngsters. You can celebrate love on any other day as well, why just on this day? Besides, there are so many other days, which symbolise love between two people.
My Comment:- Exchange Til Gud?(Sesame & Jaggary)ha ha ha.

In our culture, we celebrate days like Makarsankranti, Vat Poornima and Bhau Beej. My children are in college, but they do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. We don’t even feel the need to cut a cake on our kids’ birthdays. Why do we need to celebrate Valentine’s Day?
I give gifts to my husband on his birthday, not on Valentine’s Day.

My comment:- Why do we need to listen to you?

Is expressing a love & having fun is crime? The country like us where dark room love is termed sacred needs more days like this to express love openly.
If valentine day is western culture, then why we see moral cops in trouser,shirt, Tee? Why not in dhoti, kurta?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Recipe for Charcomlete for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Wish you all happy Valentine's day. Let everyone be stuck with the Cupid arrow. Everyone have a valentine special post. Lemmi post a valentine special recipe.

Main ingredient
Dove egg 2
onions 2
tomoto 2
pepper & salt
Boy friend

Put on the music.Take a heart shaped bowl, beat the egg add chopped onion,tomotoes, chilly, salt, pepper.light the stove. Butter the frying pan. Pour the egg preparation on the pan. Start romancing with ur boyfriend for an hour. After an hour charcomlete (charcoal + omlete) is ready..
note:- Serve only to your boyfriend. he will only appriciate ur reciepe. hehehe.

Line Maro:- I dont mind dying now, I have just seen a Haven ;)