Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello My space

Its been quite sometime I had been here.  Oh lots there in head but nothing is transferring on keyboard.  Oh why cant I put everything here. Why cant life be simple?

Feeling so lost don't know why?  

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Great Indian Victory

It was Funtastic :) Finally India won the world cup. One of the best moments :) captured in the memory.

After match I waited all long for Poonam Pandey (Rakhi Sawant in making) . but She Never turned up or may be she was lodged in mental hospital ha ha ha.  May be Indian team had given strong warning if she turns up in stadium we will give the world cup to Srilanka team. BCCI & Mumbai cops might have worked hard to keep her away. Oops

Shahid Afridi did turnaround in pak media. May be pressurised to use harsh words. Anyways bacchhu take care & be happy

Zardari joke came accross some blog. “We congratulate India on winning the semi-finals. As a good-will gesture, India can keep Pakistan’s prime minister. And if it wins the finals, we will give our president too.” 

Oh god, we are happy with our world cup we dont need anything more pakistan can have all our  corrupt politician.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finally blue did wonders

What a  fantastic victory just superb. Lots of thanks to Boys in green for thier bad fielding & dropping all the catches. Keep it up ha ha ha.

Jokes apart Shahid Afridi took a cherry with his dignified post match speech.

The PM of both nation expressionless to core. Thats what is called deplomacy. Politicians are the best actors on earth. I just could not understand how one can hold emotions so brilliantly.

Yet another PM is invited for final match. Why do we need to be so cruel. Inviting the head of state & humilating them with a defeat of thier boys. Oops I am getting over confident. Hmmm let me hold & hope for the cup.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cricket Fever

Oops I am all nervous. Night seems too longer n Terrorizing.
 I am just keeping my finger crossed. Hope I dont get heart attack.  As usual India Pak match gives shiver in my spine.

I wish & dream Dhoni & team win this semi final. I never remember Kapil Dev lifting world cup. Hope to see Dhoni lifting one.

I am missing Octopus paul . I wish he was alive & made some good prediction regarding India.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life's X X X

Life's full of X's Xperiment, Xperience, Xpectation, Xpenditure

some more spice Xercise, Xcellence, Xamination, Xcitement, Xcursion, XMA

hmmm at last Xhaustion, Xpiration

Oops my blog dont get listed when someone google Porn ha ha I am amused that when people google for NV jokes my blog is listed in search.Its kewl.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Bizzare thoughts

This weekend I had been to Indian Culture Association. But Sad I could hardly meet any Indians there? As an Indian all were aliens to me. There were Tamilians, Andhraites, Gujju, bongs, punjabis, odisians, kannadigas, mallu's, Upities, biharis. I later donned the Kannadiga (Karnatakian) Tag I met many friends. And as mumbaite more and more friends. Later as a Telugu (as my hubby is andhraite) feeling was homely. Without knowing much of a telugu I got to have a great authenticated Andhra food. Yummy it was.

I am just wondering about my son. Where he stands? We either speak Kannada or Telugu or marati at home yet as main reason is I don’t want my son to carry the south Indian accent in his English or Hindi. I don’t mind him talking my Language in English accent when he grows up. Mockery at home is fine not at other places.

Now I feel I need to teach him some tradition else he will feel Panipuri, Samosa, burger, Pizza, Pasta are our traditional dishes :D. Before I teach him I need to take some crash course on my culture. I meant authenticated culture. Even my folks too don’t follow much. We live according to convenience.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Now a days I am in a fix. I just cant understand some people. Grrrr..... When I call them the call goes in missed list & no courtesy to call back immediately & after week they call me & say "hey whats up. No news from ur side long time.Is everything Ok. Hmm bad no time for friends?"

Now I have mastered my diplomatic style I say "Yepp buddy just tied up with some stuffs, u were just behind my mind. Just about to call u & what a coincidence you called me with a girlie giggle"

But inside my mind " Bloody hell, Dont I have a better job"

I have plenty of friends in Orkut, facebook, yahoo messenger. But when I am in real in mess & need some friends or shoulder I just dont feel connected to these people.

My fingers just dial a friend who is not in my facebook, orkut or gtalk. And sometimes I feel I am so mean I remember such friends only when I am in mess.