Sunday, April 03, 2011

Great Indian Victory

It was Funtastic :) Finally India won the world cup. One of the best moments :) captured in the memory.

After match I waited all long for Poonam Pandey (Rakhi Sawant in making) . but She Never turned up or may be she was lodged in mental hospital ha ha ha.  May be Indian team had given strong warning if she turns up in stadium we will give the world cup to Srilanka team. BCCI & Mumbai cops might have worked hard to keep her away. Oops

Shahid Afridi did turnaround in pak media. May be pressurised to use harsh words. Anyways bacchhu take care & be happy

Zardari joke came accross some blog. “We congratulate India on winning the semi-finals. As a good-will gesture, India can keep Pakistan’s prime minister. And if it wins the finals, we will give our president too.” 

Oh god, we are happy with our world cup we dont need anything more pakistan can have all our  corrupt politician.


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