Monday, October 31, 2005


India is now 277 for 4, 6 overs to go 21 runs needed. Doni boi is playing outstandingly well. Return of the King Tendulkar has made a good impact on the team?Or Departure of Prince GanGully has bought good luck to the team?

Anyways India is Winning 297 for 4 , Dhoni is 177.. India Winning, Winning & Won. Dhoni 183 not out..

Ooops I screwed up my templete, hehehe I did not have thing else to screw up this week end..

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tagged again by Uttara

1.Last movie you saw in a theatre? ~*~ Shri Krishna Leela

2.What book are you reading? ~*~So boring Quality Management book Instead of Kamasutra 3.Favorite board game? ~*~ In a board meeting or team meeting, Asking a tricky question to the presentator for which he does not have answer.

4.Favorite magazine? ~*~ anything which u have to hide under the bedsheet to read ;) (Away from mom's microscopic eye's)

5.Favorite smell? ~*~ Body odour of a hunk

6.Favorite food? ~*~ Something cooked & served by a handsome chef

7.Favorite sound? ~*~ Erotic noise.. Have anyone remember Parinda climax scene, Where Madhuri usher some noise ;)

8.Worst feeling in the world? ~*~ The guy whom I am line marofying, is secretly dating my Enemy

9.What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? ~*~ Saala subah ho gaya, I have to get up from the bed now.. Oh noooooooo

10. Favorite fast food place? ~*~ Rajdhani express pantry,

11.Future child's name? ~*~ Depending on who fathers the child ;)

If Afrikan then ----------- Mogambo

If Chinese then------------Ching ming ping

If Japanise then-------------Yew pew mew

If American then ofcourse--- Bill

If British then ------------------Charles

If Australian------------------Fleming

If German then -----------Neil ha ha ha

If Indian then I have to think

12.Finish this statement. If I had a lot of money :~*~ Lots How much?

Ok let me complete the sentence... If I had lots of money, I will go on date to moon with my honey..

13.Do you drive fast?

~*~ Drive fast what?

Ofcourse I drove Men Very fast ;) If u meant car,then FYI I am training Schemaker to drive hehehe

14.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

~*~ When I was kid yes, now I preffer Fleshed animal

15.Storms cool or scary?

~*~ U asking me or storm Storm replies that I am scary to them I reply Storms are cool to me

16.What was your first car?

~*~ No in past, No in Present.. Definately in Near future ... If someone is presenting me, I dont mind ferrari or BMW, If I have to buy myself then it is either mit subishi lancer or Tata Indica

17.Favorite drink?

~*~ Fruit punch

18. Finish this statement, "If I had the time I would..." :~*~ I would what, date many more

19.Do you eat the stems on broccoli? ~*~ I eat roots on broccoli

20.If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice? ~*~ U could see the peacock on my head

21.Name all the different cities/ towns you have lived in? ~*~ Earth, earth can only tolerate my blunder..

22.Half empty or half full? ~*~ what my brain? hahaha It is Empty

23.Favorite sports to watch? ~*~ My favorite sports? is it legal to watch ;)

24.One nice thing about the person who tagged you? ~*~ Sweetoooooooo

25.Morning person, or night owl? ~*~ of course night owl ;)

26.Over easy, or sunny side-up? ~*~ Sunny side

27.Favorite place to relax? ~*~ My man's Arm

28.Favorite pie? ~*~ Apple pie & a chocolate pie sandwiched with a Scotch

Monday, October 24, 2005

Friday, October 21, 2005

Oooops, Which one shal I follow ;)

Laziness is the worst enemy of humans. . . - Jawaharlal Nehru.

Humans should learn to love even their worst enemies...!!! - Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Me Tagged

Uttara has tagged me, I thought let me have some fun playing this..

$even things i plan to do :

1* Take CSQA certification ( I want to be the best, Test always help in updating the knowledge) 2* Pierce my Naval Button (To sport that I should always maintain a flat abs)

3* Get a Butterfly tattoo (I love tattoos, also had learnt some lesson from someone)

4* Diwali Shopping (Wanna Shop till I drop)

5* Learn French (hehehe, I am Line marofying the Frenchman;))

6* Go on holiday ( Plan pending since sometime)

7* Grow My hair bit longer, color it & get reverse graduation cut (I am so impatient with my hair, My hair never get to romance with my shoulder, I chop it up)

$even things i can do :

1* Play Prank On any tom, Dick, harry (In office I am full time pass, Entertain other team mate with my prank.. )

2* Never give up..until death & Not bother about consequences

3* Make friendship with any stranger.

4* I love challenges

5* Be very frank

6* Hate like snake

7* Spend whole day in front of Mirror, Modelling he he he

$even things i cant do :

1*Cheat someone for my benifit

2* Without my Cell Phone

3*Without Net Connection

4* Without music

5* without thinking

6* Without my friend's phone call

7* Without News & Coffee

$even things i say most often:

1*Oh my god


3* Wow Lovely

4* Actually

5* No probs

6* Stupid

7* What a Pain

$even things what i love doing the most:

Can any one guess?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Prostitution be legalized?
Now the hot topics making round is legalizing the Prostitution.. In first place, is prostitution morally correct? Forget about the moral, Can the act be considered as a Job for livelihood?
Ok , for e.g. if one consider it as a Job, then It is the only job, where people get demoted with aging, experience and skill..
If it is legalized who will be benefited? Pimps, brothel owners will turn into
revenue generating business.. Even some parents might force their daughter
into it for money..
In current scenario 90% of girls are forcibly pushed into prostitution, either
by brokers, or by kidnappers.. Which lead them to continue with it..
Why don’t government try to get these people employed into fair job instead
of thinking of legalizing immoral thing.. Many people think it is an easy job?
Is it so?
Getting intimate with the stranger is a easy task for a lady? Being a female I say No..
Forget getting intimate, I don’t like a person who intentionally touch me without my consent..
I get irritated & angry.. For me to get intimate with someone, first he should make a space in my heart..
May be same with others too.
What are the disadvantage in these people's life?
1. They don’t get a Social status.
2. Majority are suffering from Aids, HIV + , other types of STD's
3. Lose Job by the age of 40 etc etc. Lead miserable life later on.. I don’t think legalizing
the prostitution is necessary, what is needed is counseling.
And providing alternative job for living. It will not only benefit the girls, it also help males..
Many guys visit them for inquisitiveness
& suffer minimum 6 months in tension.. Every guy visiting Prostitute is worried if he has
contacted the disease. Initial test will not prove the virus presence in the blood.. It will take
6 months.. For 5 min of pleasure, is 6 months tension or life time disease worth?
If he has contacted infection, then his life is doomed.. One of my neighbor committed suicide
when he realized he has contacted the disease.. ok given a thought, it is legalized.
How it will help these people? Govt. issue a license to these girls.

With license also the HIV status to be mentioned.. Me bieng a client, I will ask the prostitute to
show me her license, when I officially come to know that she is suffering from some disease will
I sleep with her? Many advice of Safety? Can any product provide 100% safety.. What if there
is a flaw in a product ?

Call it a bad luck? Once I was watching the talk show, the prostitute is defending her act as
saying they help the society..
If it was not them, every girl on the street would have got raped. Because of them, we girls can
walk safely.. It was the big joke I heard in life.."Mam, don't do the social service, We are capable of
protecting our self"

Friday, October 14, 2005

Suhaag raat part II

Note :- This post is completely a imaginary one.. Any resemblance to any one dead or alive is just a mere co-incidence.. If it resemble to any one else, I sympathies them whole heartedly.. I am not mentioning any specific continent , country race or religion.. Because I don’t want to hurt anyone's sentiment.. The names specified in this Post are my future kids name..

Scene 1 A bride in her best designed lingerie waiting for the groom. Groom enters the room with Whiskey & red wine. The groom pours the wine in a glass to the Lady & a Whiskey to himself..

Both are very much excited about their first Suhag Raat after marriage.. Legal marriage surely excites .. Just thinking about the alimony after Divorce is all the fun in the marriage.. Oh gawd , Soo much money , plus new person to romance..(After Divorce)

Both are about to get cozy... They hear some noise outside the bed room.. Mark, Stella are fighting & hitting little Steve.

Mark is Groom's son, Stella is Bride's daughter, Steve is bride's & groom's 8 months Son..

Bride:- Oh gawd, screams in horror.. Honey look her, your son & my daughter are hitting our Son.

Groom:- Honey u take care of Steve, I will take care of Mark & Stella.. ( Groom & Bride exchange Good night kisses & head to children’s bed room)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Suhaag Raat

Note:- This is just an imaginary post, does not resemble to any one

Scene 1:- South Indian Suhaag Raat

Groom is waiting for a bride in a Room. Bride with her heavy Jewellary sets, loads of flowers & most important with her shy enters the room.

Ist step Groom helping the bride come out of her shyness

Groom :- Suhaag raat hain main usse apni shyness se bahar aane ke liye madad kar raha hoon--Saala Bahut affort lag gaya.

2nd step Groom :- Suhaag raat hain main uski jhulfo se Phool nikal raha hoon, (mann me soch raha hai Yeah sar hai kya, phoolo ka Godown)

3rd step Groom :- Suhaag raat hain main uski Jewar (Jewellary) uttar raha hoon, Jewer uttarte uttarte subah ho gaya, maine pain killar ka kar so gaya.

Scene 2:- North Indian Suhag Raat Bride totally decked with all her make up, Ghunghat ood kar Groom ki intezaar kar rahi hai.. Groom enters the room

Groom :- Suhaag raat hain ghoonghat utha raha hoon main, First attempt Sucessful, looks at the beautiful face of the bride just cannot stop singing this song

Groom :- Chehra Hai Ya Chand Khila Hai Zulf Ghaneri Shaam Hai Kya

Bride:-1 min, Zulf, Thanks for reminding, (She removes the wig, carefully keep in her ward robe). This I hired from the beautician for marraige.

Groom :- No probs Cool Baal Nakli hua tho kya hua, so he continues his song

Groom:- Saagar Jaisi Aankhon Vaali

Bride :- 1 min, let me remove my contact lens Groom panics, yeah Aankhe bhi Nakli hai, Chalo koi baat nahi Kamar tho pathli hai na.

He starts singing Groom :- Patli kamar chikna badan tirchhi nazar hai Masti bhari teri baali umar hai

Bride:- Wait, Let me wear my magnetic waist belt

Groom:- Aab kya hua?

Bride:- Slip disc Problem

Groom gets frustrated anything else u wanna displace or replace

Bride:- yes, this teeth set & artificial legs (She goes to her cupboard, keeps all her assets neatly, comes back to bed)

Frustrated groom asks her, Abhe ye tho batao, Suhag raat main Cupboard me manao kya bed pe.. ha ha ha

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Any Calamities , we have a Solution .

Any problems you have, we have only one solution BAN

Is Rape increasing in Town------- Ban women from wearing mini skirts, tight tops,tight jeans and shorts, saying this will help prevent rape.

MMS is circulated in College------Ban the Cell phone with Camera.

If Policitical Party is not in power & losing its charishma make news ------ Ban the Valentine's day.. If Ban cannot be imposed ask activists to stage demonstrations outside bars, clubs and colleges that plan to organize celebrations on Valentine's Day. If some one question what is wrong in Valentine's day ,Reply back "``What is this Valentine's Day and who brought this Western craze here, which is alien to our culture?"

If the city is flooded --- Ban the Plastic..Say the ban on plastics is a crucial step to unblock the river sources and springs.Shopkeepers and customers violate the ban Fine them.

Crime rate is Increasing in the city --- Ban the dance bars, on the grounds that they corrupt the youth,

One night get up from sleep & Analyse the Cancer rate --- Ban on Gutka, paan masala & also ban new films or TV programmes from portraying smoking... How will ban help stopping people from smoking when the bold letter caution on the Pack really mattered a least?

Banning addictive substances does not stop people from using them. Rather, it leads to illegal, parallel markets.

Dont have Girl friends ---- Ban couple in Park & Band stand

Dont know to dance ---- Ban the discotheque.

If Girls start wearing Bhurkha will the man go impotent?

If people dont use cell phone with Camera, people stop shooting obsence picture?

If valentines day is banned, you get lost power?

If Plastic is banned, filed garbage in the city Vanishes?

If Dance bar is Banned, Indian youth will join Sat sang & start Singing bhajans?

If Gutka if Banned, people start eating Loly pop?

If the entry in park is banned, People stop falling in Love?

If Discotheque is banned, People stop Dancing?

Solution lies not just with the ban but also in providing safe and healthy alternatives. Define rules & regulation, see things fall in that..