Saturday, May 29, 2010

Comments to Hirdu's post booting-to-last-known-good Configuration

I dont know why comments are not getting reflected on  booting-to-last-known-good   Hirdu's blog?
After typing so much i just dint wanted to put my comment in trash he he he. Hirdu please look into it?

My Comments
Hey where are you applying Booting to Last known good configuration funda in life?...

1. R u going back to your previous job?

2. R U going back to Bangalore from Pune Or Noida or Ghajiabad?

3.R u going back to ur previous girl friend (Bhabhiji in this case keep ready ur belan & Jaadu)

4. R u chosing to be student again(opting for higher studies)

5. R U going to be old hirdu ?

6. R U going to write senti blogs & treat readers I mean ur blog Fan that's me

Hey Hirdu my eyes are screaming go to opthamalogist if u want to read Hirdu's blog.

Your fonts are hurting my eyes. The Fonts are not going good with template. Please apply Last known good configuration to this too . :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mumbai is getting hotter n hotter but still its cool to be in mumbai

                  Mumbai is one place I love to be anytime, anyday on this globe. Before I had visited mumbai I dreamt it to be something else. May be singapore or bangkok or Paris.  When  I got to see real mumbai it was horrible.

                      First time I came to mumbai by roadways. Early in the morning around 6 am bus reached to  Chembur. Some of my relatives used to stay in Chembur (BAARC). So I knew from Chembur itself is called mumbai. I wanted to experience the beauty of mumbai.. I just kept my eyes wide open to see my dream place.

                     To my horror I could see people mass shitting on the roadsides. Yuck Yuck. Is this real mumbai :O. It dint take me much time to get to know about slums and stuff.

                       Then next my experience with train. Peak hr I got into western train in luggauge compartment. When the destined stop arrived I to followed many of the man alighted  from running train. Dudd fell down on the platform ha ha ha.  I got some ears from my bro. You need to apply Newtons law of motion. Run in same direction as the train till u balance urself.

                         Then onwards I apply BNB's neutral law. Howmuch ever the crowd push you dont get down or let anyone get down from train untill the train is fully halted.

                        Then slowly I fell in love with the city. Mumbai is city of dreams. Its home to Poor , middle class & richest. Each can live thier life as per thier status & still enjoy life to fullest.

                          Mumbai is the place where I started my career, got Married, then became the mother. I bought my own home. Mumbai has made me complete, independent.

Its just a great experience to be in mumbai.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kites in the sky

I want to fly
with you tonight
Kites in the sky
soaring together
lovers forever
forever is a lie

      Thank god I am in mumbai not in bangalore. I watched Kites today & Raving about it with all my Bangy friends. Its one of the best bollywood movie I watched in recent past. I am planning to watch again.

    The movie is a romantic and thrilling adventure but is different from regular Bollywood flicks This movie is not for usual Indian mass who likes to get pakaofied with lengthy movie, with all that shaadi, sangeet, godhbarai. My Sis in Law dint liked it. she felt its too short. Theater was almost empty. So Verdict is clear. Most of the Indian public dint liked it.

     Hritik Roshan is Superb. Barbara mori & Hritik Chemistry is too good.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tatoos n more Tatoos

I am too crazy about tatoos. I wanted since I was in high school. Finally I inked 1 & planning some more :D.

This is the one I inked in dec. This is dedicated to Kartthik who is close to my heart. That's why 'K' in a heart just above the heart :). Cute isn't it?

You are part of everything I do
You are in my heart just like a tatoo
Just like a tatoo
I'll always have you

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Oh La La

I am super excited wow, just few more days & Mumbai u will have my company.

All set, all planned. Friends, movie, hangouts, parlour, spa, restaurant, shopping.

Me & Kartthik have planned to dine in our favourite joint as we land in Mumbai. Cant wait.

Wishing for some good movie releases & popcorns.

Too many plans , too many desires, too many wishes. Too many bitching with my girlie gang.

I say sometimes Cool down cool down, Unplanned things excites more than the planned ones.

Its a beautiful summer .....................