Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mumbai is getting hotter n hotter but still its cool to be in mumbai

                  Mumbai is one place I love to be anytime, anyday on this globe. Before I had visited mumbai I dreamt it to be something else. May be singapore or bangkok or Paris.  When  I got to see real mumbai it was horrible.

                      First time I came to mumbai by roadways. Early in the morning around 6 am bus reached to  Chembur. Some of my relatives used to stay in Chembur (BAARC). So I knew from Chembur itself is called mumbai. I wanted to experience the beauty of mumbai.. I just kept my eyes wide open to see my dream place.

                     To my horror I could see people mass shitting on the roadsides. Yuck Yuck. Is this real mumbai :O. It dint take me much time to get to know about slums and stuff.

                       Then next my experience with train. Peak hr I got into western train in luggauge compartment. When the destined stop arrived I to followed many of the man alighted  from running train. Dudd fell down on the platform ha ha ha.  I got some ears from my bro. You need to apply Newtons law of motion. Run in same direction as the train till u balance urself.

                         Then onwards I apply BNB's neutral law. Howmuch ever the crowd push you dont get down or let anyone get down from train untill the train is fully halted.

                        Then slowly I fell in love with the city. Mumbai is city of dreams. Its home to Poor , middle class & richest. Each can live thier life as per thier status & still enjoy life to fullest.

                          Mumbai is the place where I started my career, got Married, then became the mother. I bought my own home. Mumbai has made me complete, independent.

Its just a great experience to be in mumbai.

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