Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kites in the sky

I want to fly
with you tonight
Kites in the sky
soaring together
lovers forever
forever is a lie

      Thank god I am in mumbai not in bangalore. I watched Kites today & Raving about it with all my Bangy friends. Its one of the best bollywood movie I watched in recent past. I am planning to watch again.

    The movie is a romantic and thrilling adventure but is different from regular Bollywood flicks This movie is not for usual Indian mass who likes to get pakaofied with lengthy movie, with all that shaadi, sangeet, godhbarai. My Sis in Law dint liked it. she felt its too short. Theater was almost empty. So Verdict is clear. Most of the Indian public dint liked it.

     Hritik Roshan is Superb. Barbara mori & Hritik Chemistry is too good.


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