Sunday, September 20, 2009

Precious Gift Of Life.

Other day I was watching Saregama little champs with my hubby. The guest judge Asha Bosle was wearing beautiful diamond set. I told my hubby to present me a set of diamond (necklace, ear ring). Without second thought he said ok. Instant OK was bit surprising still I continued to glue to the show. He brought our son & told take your diamond set. Hmmm indeed this diamond is something very very precious to me.

Gifting my hubby is very tedious task. He is not crazy about electronics gadgets. Every possible occasion I buy cell phone or ipod or DVD's whichever I like & wanting to possess :). Gift for 1 day & use it from very next day ha ha ha. This time I dint desire any stuff which I wanted to flaunt. So I dint go shopping.

Everyone feel shopping for woman is tedious job. But I say for man it is tedious. For me it is very simple. Actually I make things easier by telling in advance what I want ha ha. Otherwise also its not a rocket science. Electronics gadgets, DVD's, Jewellery, Outfit, accessories, make up materials, movie, treat, romantic song, shayaris, PJ's ,Flowers list is endless everything interests me. But for hubby darling promotion, power these things interests. So I dint go shopping. My house help was asking me what am I gifting for Master. I said something precious wait & watch.

On his birthday I wished him & gifted our son to him. Obviously he liked the gift & treated us in some good restaurant.