Sunday, August 22, 2010


Now a days I am in a fix. I just cant understand some people. Grrrr..... When I call them the call goes in missed list & no courtesy to call back immediately & after week they call me & say "hey whats up. No news from ur side long time.Is everything Ok. Hmm bad no time for friends?"

Now I have mastered my diplomatic style I say "Yepp buddy just tied up with some stuffs, u were just behind my mind. Just about to call u & what a coincidence you called me with a girlie giggle"

But inside my mind " Bloody hell, Dont I have a better job"

I have plenty of friends in Orkut, facebook, yahoo messenger. But when I am in real in mess & need some friends or shoulder I just dont feel connected to these people.

My fingers just dial a friend who is not in my facebook, orkut or gtalk. And sometimes I feel I am so mean I remember such friends only when I am in mess.

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Hirdu said...

Abstain from The Social Network...go n watch Harry Potter again... :)

Family... & Friends....that's the recipe...