Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Bizzare thoughts

This weekend I had been to Indian Culture Association. But Sad I could hardly meet any Indians there? As an Indian all were aliens to me. There were Tamilians, Andhraites, Gujju, bongs, punjabis, odisians, kannadigas, mallu's, Upities, biharis. I later donned the Kannadiga (Karnatakian) Tag I met many friends. And as mumbaite more and more friends. Later as a Telugu (as my hubby is andhraite) feeling was homely. Without knowing much of a telugu I got to have a great authenticated Andhra food. Yummy it was.

I am just wondering about my son. Where he stands? We either speak Kannada or Telugu or marati at home yet as main reason is I don’t want my son to carry the south Indian accent in his English or Hindi. I don’t mind him talking my Language in English accent when he grows up. Mockery at home is fine not at other places.

Now I feel I need to teach him some tradition else he will feel Panipuri, Samosa, burger, Pizza, Pasta are our traditional dishes :D. Before I teach him I need to take some crash course on my culture. I meant authenticated culture. Even my folks too don’t follow much. We live according to convenience.

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