Friday, October 13, 2006

Ways Of Reading Novel in Workplace

As Hirdu says ye BnB baaz nahin aayegi. I myself have to say that to me hehehe

I was reading Memoirs of Geisha, I got so addicted I travelled in train whole week to catch up with reading process. One day I could not just stop it reading, I was hiding the book inbetween the PC & my bag & was reading with one eye. One of my colleague was so enquisitive to know what I am upto he messaged me "I know you are at some mischief ". I gave a blank smile.

I could not concentrate on my work. I went to rest room locked myself in loo & started reading the book. 30 mins I was inside the loo(Thanks to room freshner :)). The rest room attender was wondering what has happened to me. Thank god I came out. Else they would have broken the door.

moral to me:- Next time while I hook up with novel in loo , just to inform rest room attendent that I have major constipation problem:)

hum-ming:- Bedi chalayi leh jigar se piya Jigar maabadi aag hai


How do we know said...

hmm.. finished the book? Kaisi lagi?

Love the song.. on my lips too!

Ashish Gupta said...

D'oh :-j

Ashish Gupta said...

oh and an update after so long that too on reading in loo!!!!

just my kidding self ;)

Jeseem said...

hmm.. the feeling of getting hooked on a novel, n not able to put it down, till u hav read it through :))
why not call up office n say u r sick. so can't come for the day.
I usually do that. my eyes r sick, after all the reading :)