Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yeh Life hai

Yeh mumbai ka traffic hai,kabhi rasthe me kadda milta hai tho kabhi kadde mein rastha. Tension kayko leta hai.

There are few people in world like to experiment with life, & most are happy with things. Tension kayko lene ka. ha ha.

But Change is something unavoidable in life.Nothing is Fixed or it works as expected.
take for example this blogworld. I had few blogmates,I loved reading thier creations. But after sometime, most of them said adieu to blogging.So it is time to hunt again.

moral to me :)Accept the change & move on with life.


How do we know said...

koi baat nahi.. there are always new ppl coming around in the world.. duniya mein yahi kharabi hai.. chalti rehti hai!

Jeseem said...

miss, sm thing never change. like people waiting to read ur blog :)

Jeseem said...

so u r now finally back in action. needs to add a server dedicated for traffic for ur blog

Ashish Gupta said...

Heyy! I am planning to update - completed, but then drafted posts *sigh*

How are you these days? long time no see :(

Ashish Gupta said...

u around here in blogworld ?

Bold n Beautiful said...

Change is the only CONSTANT thing in accept it.U need to chill.