Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lexi Ad.

Have you come across Lexi pen advt. in FM radio's. Its real funny. It may be mindless, but I simply loved it.
If u haven't heard it goes something like this

Male: Swapnasundari wearing maxi
Getting out of yellow Taxi(Repeat)
Gets into the club
Pagal ho gaye sab
But surprisingly she chooses me
And she says, she says

Female: Is that a pen in your pocket mister? (Repeat)
Or are you? Or are you?
Just happy to see me?
Or are you just happy to see me?

Male: I said, "Swanpasundari, wearing maxi..
I am very very sorry sexy
But now every pocket has a Lexi
Now every pocket has a Lexi"


Jeseem said...

so what if a girl is holding a lexi pen in the club??

How do we know said...

haan i heard this ad.. and i thought it was just plain.. stupid for an ad, but gud fun for a stupid rhyme!

twistedtwines said...

thank you