Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ramu's Sholay

I just cant understand why Ramu is hell bent upon remaking sholay.Its not just me, whole world is wondering why? Why ? Why?

The worst part to digest was Nisha Kotari playing basanti & ghoda is replaced by autorickshaw. Now Basanti is ghungroo & her dhannu is laila.

Ramu's Gabbar Bachchan looks like an one hundred eighty year old sick man who has already booked his ticket to heaven.

sholay's dialogue will be something like thing
gabbar:- "Kitne Din bache hamra is duniya me"
samba:- "Sardar baghawan jaane"
gabbar:- "Arre oh samba, ghungrooo ke laila me jakar hamara liye dho waqt ki khansi ke dava lekar aa, ..."
Samba:- "Sardar devi* ka hospital se lekar aavu kya?"
gabbar:- "arre woh kutte, kamine jaldi lekar aa"

Radha is Devi played by Sush & she is a nurse, something more than lightning & putting off the lantern hehehehe

Song for the moment:-- Arre Ramujee, abh Zidd chodo mano meri baat

Warna aur ek flop hoga tumare saath.


Jeseem said...

hey u shld be a script writer.
or a song writer.
very good post ( i am reading it over n over :) )

Ekta said...

Hey i agree..its so painful to see these stupid remakes which are not half as good as the originals..why can these directors leave these classics alone...sigh!

poornima said...

very true...i love the way u have written it..
for some reason, talking about sholey and RGV, i wonder what Feroz Khan will make out of Qurbani wid Fardeen playing the lead!!
wats wrong wid these ppl?? lack of creativity?concept?or both?

Keshi said...

remakes r never as powerful as the originals.

heyy Im bakkk from my break in NZ :)