Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nightmare in Bombed Train

By gods grace I am alive to write this post.

We have heard & seen numerous incident on TV about Terrorism. We might have shed plenty of tears to unknown soul.But But when u visualise or have been Victim of such terrorism, than it is totally a different story.

11th July 2006

At 6.21 p.m boarded borivili Fast at Dadar staion. Train was just leaving mahim station,at that moment the power in train was switched off followed by loud explosion & smoke. The train shook for some secs. At that moment I realised it is a bomb blast. But other commuters in train came up with other conclusion. HT wire got short circuit , the train is on fire. Let us jump from moving train. I was in first class ladies compartment which was adjacent to gents firstclass compartment which was bombed.

I dint wanted to take some stupid dicision.I never wanted to jump from running train. Few moments it was tough to decide. Other co passenger started jumping from running train. The train came to halt within minutes.

Other Men came running to help us. Two men held my hand & helped to get down. Outside scene was horrible, blood soaked men, injured men, dead bodies. Oh my god, what a pain. I dint know how to react. I was crying inconsolably. Everyone were crying. Some one asked me is there someone I know in that compartment. I said no. They tried to console me. I was crying for my co passengers, thier family. I was crying for pathetic environment we are leaving in. I was crying for insecure environment created for us.

Life had drained lots from me at that moment. Could not stand there for another min in that situation, I walked to roads to catch some other alternative to my destination. Cab drivers refused to come to Borivili. My colleagues were rushing to come to pick me up. I refused, i din't wanted them to take risk. I took BEST bus from Mahim depot.Bus started getting overcrowded. atleast 200 people were standing in bus. It took 4.5 hrs to reach home. People on roads were very helpful. They were serving biscuits & water for all the commuters on road. I was not in need of that. My mind was calculating other facts.

2 of my colleagues are seriously injured. One of my brothers friends cousin died in blast.He was married just 3 months back.

Why innocent people should be victim of this terrorism? When will this terror end? When will we roam without fear in free India? On occasion of Independence day these question crop up in my mind.


Aparna said...

scary things really.. i just remember the evng which i was watching a movie with ma frnd but the pvr ppl announced a bomb news and we were sent out of the multiplex.. thankfully it was just a hoex!!

Jeseem said...

take rest.
such experiences makes u a different person. valuing the life and everyday happiness.
how fragile life is, how beautiful. and some foolish people go around, destroying it. this has to be stopped...
somehow, anyhow.

Ekta said...

hey bold!
was wondering why there was no update on ur blog for so many days and now I know why!
Firstly thank god that u are safe and sound..indeed it was a barabarian act...only inhumans could have done something like that!
What u ahve seen is something none of us wld like to and guess its something u will take time to get over!
Hope u get over it soon and look at this as another occasion to thank god!

Anoop G said...

hope these incidents will be prevented in future..

Invincible said...

Oh my God !!
You are really lucky, boldie !
I cant imagine what wud have passed thru ur mind aft the blast.

Luckily my dad takes a bus from Andheri and no one from my relatives/friends was caught in this calamity.

The questions u asked .. our govt is so apathetic that i doubt it wd ever happen.

Contented said...

Oh, That was really a deadly ordeal you've gone through. Glad to hear you are safe and recovered from the trauma...As your name suggests you acted boldly to hang in there till the train halted...

No one ever wants to be in those circumstances you and other fellow passengers were...We can only hope and do our best to help and make a terrorist free India. Every one of us have same question..but How?

How do we know said...

Like Ekta.. I was also wondering why u r away.. guess thats the trouble with online media.. we never know what happens to people we have grown to like, and we cant do a thing!

Ashish Gupta said...

been so long you updated. wats up these days :-/