Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dont break it, I will Die !!!!

A half pound substance Controlling 150 Pound man. Ain't it a wonder?. Am talking of "HEART" a most important organ in human structure. I had made real fun regarding the reference of heart for love before experiencing crush types.

Heart break, heart pain. God I have a suggestion to u. If you wanna control the population, Replace the existing heart with glass. I bet you can start a brand new breed. A new Adam & A New Eve.

Have you ever seen a heart, beating in front of your eyes, blood oozing and more... If you dare to see one, follow this link.

A joke :- Once in medical class, a young professor was explaining the human anatomy shoots a question to the class, Why Left breast is bigger than the right one? Female student shy, male getting naughty at the question. No one dares to answer the question. Finally it is the turn of the professor to answer. He replies"Most man are right handed" Lol. Real reason for variation is, the heart is placed at the left side of the chest.


Hirdu said...

So you are a Blog a Month wonder !!

Hirdu said...

But I was wondering, What's the name for this boldnbeautiful :)

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Aha! Someonez posting from HEART! Well written! Glad I peeked into this nice little space of yours! But 3 months and just four posts haan! You should put your good writing skills to better use gal! Write more often.

Keep writing... will come back soon! Oh and btw liked your mail id: pparihoonmain! lol...bold n beautiful pari eh?! :)

Boldnbeautiful said...

Hirdu u Mean My Real name, My name is Rupa. Here I dont have any intension of hiding my identity. Jeete hai shaan se, Hum Marte hai shaan se.

fun_da_mental ofcourse I will have fun with blog more often as I can.

:) hey I liked ur post ha ha ha

PuNeEt said...

the joke was fundu :-)>
nice blog