Monday, December 19, 2005

Bangalore to be renamed oops
Bombay has done it,Madras has done it ,Calcutta has done it, calicuthas done it. Could the country's IT hub, Bangalore lag behind?

Here I am talking of rechristening of the cities. Now it is the time for Bangalore to get christened to Bengaluru.

Most of the major cities are also likely to get renamed to pre-colonial,pre-sultan names..

Mysore to Mysooru
Belguam to Belgaavi
Hubli to hubbali
Mangalore to mangalooru.
Bijapur to Vijapura
Gulbarga to Kalburgi

Actually the first priority for the developing country is to change name, in order to move the title to developed country...

I wonder is Administrators are borrowing this idea by soap queen Ekta, by adding extra K her TRP gets better, serial go hit.. who knows states transport, poverty, unemployment may get solved :):)..

Then next it could be Delhi..


Keshi said...

huh is this for real? Mysooru and Bengaluru sounds odd..

** who knows states transport, poverty, unemployment may get solved

LOL Ekta sounds quite infamous :):)


PuNeEt said...

too cool

actually u can be the advisory to GOI for giving the alternative names ;-)

too cool

Pinki said...

Ohhh Nooo.. Please dont do that to Delhi :(

Hey, the template is HOT :)

Howz John now? Any news?

pegasus said...

mysore = eye-sore

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Keshi

Yepp it is gonna be effective from 50th year celebration..

Indian celebrities are the numer uno superstitious..

Boldnbeautiful said...


thanks but I am so tied up, I cannot take that offer hehehe..

Boldnbeautiful said...

@pinki :-- yes Ms dixit is all her mind to rename Delhi to Hastinapur & BJP proposes to Indraprasta.

Dixit should work on to curb the rape & other crimes then changing the name..

Dixit roam with her Z plus security so for her kidnapping & raping a innocent gal's may not be a priority..

Anyways politics stinks..

hey baby John is perfectly fine now :)

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ankur Mysore is not a eye - soar.. it is a treat for an eye. beautiful city:)

Keshi said...

aha lol!