Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mixed Emotion

I am Not your Friend If*****
You Have to think before Speaking to me

I am Not your Friend If*****

My friendship ever make you feel uncomfortable

I am Not your Friend If*****
you have to thank me for everything I do

I am Not your Friend If*****
you think I am not curious for your new philosophy of life

I am Not your Friend If*****
you you think listening to your dreams put me to sleep
I am Not your Friend If*****
you have to ask for favors

I am Not your Friend If*****

if you think I can not remember the first time we met.

In life there are some person who are so close to your heart, u are not ashamed of discussing your shortcomings or boast one's strength. That unique person in my life is my best friend Nish. She Is getting married.Now I am in mixed emotion. I am happy she is getting settled, at the same time I am sad that life wont be same for us. From now onwards our relation is reduced to electronics. I know things wont be same once She go to Dubai.

Lots to share about us, but now I am so blank.
I wish marraige brings her lots of happiness..


display_name said...

ameen~ @last line.

saby said...

i qualify to be your friend
i can substitiute for NISH

Invincible said...

I liked your 'IFs'.
You r so lucky to get a friend who wud do all that for u :D :D

Remember reading something similar @ Arunima n her friend J.

Wish Nish good luck :)
you gonna miss her but m sure friendship wd survives the distance.

Keshi said...

awww B&B I know the of my close friends got married last year and she moved to Queensland...I still have lots of single friends but she was one close one...and I felt so lost w.o. her. And u r so right when u say that it's not the same...cos it wont be from now on...she's got things to do with her husband and time is very limited with me...but then again thats day when u get married, u will all have common time and experiences to share...I wish u and ur friend!

So this may be why u were not in a good mood...cheer up, I'm still single and ard to be ur friend...:)


Keshi said...

lolls! I am STILL single. Yep Matey. If only I was a more pleasant best friend wouldn't have moved to an another city altogether!

~~~kookie crying buckets of crocodile tears~~~

Heena ... said...


Hey thanx for commenting on my blog. I totally understand what you're talking bout in this post. I keep half wondering whether I'm going to go beserk like Julia Robert's did in "My Best Friend's Wedding" when my best pal marries his girl... Secretly I'm hoping I'll have a broad shoulder to cry on... *wink*

[P.S. Someone who's not gay, by the way]

Keshi said...

***lolls! I am STILL single. Yep Matey. If only I was a more pleasant best friend wouldn't have moved to an another city altogether!
~~~kookie crying buckets of crocodile tears~~~

mah middle finger up at stagnant road kill lol!

btw d u want me to direct my whole gang to ur blog?? to see ur real stagnant face?? :)


PuNeEt said...

ooh thats so sweet dear...
wishing ur friend a very happy married life...

I too went thru this mixed emotion wen one of my very close friend got married n went to UK...

take care

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Display_names :---- :):)thank you.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Saby lol Ofcouse u qualify to be friend. You are so cute.
But u cant substitute Nish..

Boldnbeautiful said...

@invinci :-- She is my best friend. Long distance relation will survive..

ofcourse long dist relationship survives but Meeting everyday atleast an hour & gossiping is a thriller which email & chat & phone can not substitute.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Keshi Yes once married life changes with or without one's consent..Anyway good friends are always good friends.

Thanks hunny. ofcourse you are my friend. I like u yaa.

Boldnbeautiful said...


Hehehe she ain't marrying my crush.. So no playing Julia's role as in My best friends wedding..

at times we used to collectively line marofy a common guy for
fun ;);)

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Keshi dont worry babe.. I can distinguish u & Stagnent road kill ur Personal assistant very well not even seeing the blog id..

The warmth in ur language & loser's attitude I am aware.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@puneet thanks mate

lol ha ha I know I think I had given funda to u on long distance relationship ROTFL hah hah

Keshi said...

lol thanks B&B :)