Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Fine Day If I wake Up As A MAN

Since some days wild wild thoughts are cropping in my mind paradoxically. I am just imagining what if I get up one fine day & realise that I am turned into Man. Yepp, I love the idea. And what & all I like to do when I am a man.

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  1. First thing take off my shirt & flaunt the bare chest & enjoy the freedom of being MAN. Wow what a freedom :D

  2. Bike racing one of my fantasies on my dream HAYABUSA. Every lap one could see different pillion rider Obviously the Gal.

  3. Flirt like there is no end

  4. Maintain no fling no string affair. No room for emotional stuff. I am thee MAN.

  5. Till late night pubbing. Taste all the available alcohol in market.

  6. Play rock n roll in the bed.

  7. Walk on the cool shades of enchanting forest alone. No girlfriends here. I love my peace: D

  8. Walk on the beaches alone in mid night. Is it safe to walk alone for a Man gays ka zamana hai ha ha.

  9. Pack my bags & go for unplanned picnic alone, I love solitude. But definitely come back with a babe.

  10. Most important manly stuff ogling job. Ogle babes with my boys gang on Brigade road.

  11. Pretend not to believe in God. But secretly Visit Temples

  12. When I am not flirting then gyming , workouts. Flaunt 8 abs, triceps, biceps

  13. Change Cars like girlfriend. I love my cars more than anything.

  14. Reproduce cricket team. All fun no pain.

Being Guy is so fun. No restriction, No moms Hitler policies.

Current song in my mind :Dhan Te Dan Ta Da Da.
Aaja Aaja Dil Nichode, Raat Ki Mataki Tode
Koyi Good Luck Nikaale, Aaj Gullak Toh Phode


Anonymous said...

Interesting :)

Always Other side of the fence is greener.


Cecilia said...

Very nice..

rajjoacm said...

I just love your posts...please keep on writing this kinda stuff