Friday, September 23, 2005

When a doc is a Peeping Tom?

Note:- Some serious post from me, But Real one Earlier days popular saying, "Food, shelter & Cloths" but now the younger generation changed it to "Make up, Cloths, Shelter, Food" Every female is craze to look beautiful..

And the market offers to change every ninche of your features, figures..From Nose job, smile design,leaps fillup, shaping Boob jobs( breast enhancement) to butt firming.. Initial days these only film actess would undergo these surgery in abroad. But now every street in mumbai, show case the advertisement in local news paper, with mere price for the correction.. Some shocking stories making rounds in papers.

I am so shocked because I had regularly seen these advertiment from the day one, I stepped into Mumbai. Open any mid day, one can find the advertisement of Rashmi Parmar & Pradeep Parmar & thier various beauty treatment. They offered Breast enhancement treatment for just 2500 Rs. Which is really impossible ( silicon implants).

Have a look at this pic, how would the Victim feel, that she was used as a sexual object while she was unconscious. T

his graphic photo extracted from the porn CD in Sunday Mid Day’s possession shows Dr Parmar masturbating while touching the private parts of a teenage patient

A well-known medico Dr Pradip Parmar, who runs five beauty care clinics in the city, allegedly made porn CDs of unsuspecting female clients, which were then used to blackmail his patients into having sexual intercourse with him.

“He films a patient when vulnerable and then threatens to reveal it to her family unless she gives in to a one-night stand in a hotel. What the girl doesn’t know is that even that is being filmed.” “Once you are caught in his trap, it is difficult to get out,” Says a victim.

Forget about breast enhancement, for a simple full hand waxing, a facial message one needs to change. Even though the services are offered by female beauticians, sometimes they are hand in glows with some notorious people. In some of the beauty parlour or message parlours they carry on with prostitution activity too..

Even for a simple service it is better one should go to ISO certified parlour even one has to shell extra amount..


Arz000n said...


dunno whts after that :(

But I think Im first

Arz000n said...

street in mumbai, show case the advertisement in local news paper, with mere price for the correction..
Then later they come to know that while they wre getting butt-enhancement, doc was secretly taping it.
Heard about that PARMAR incident kya?
Jeeez....that was so cheap na....

Pradeep Parmar & thier various beauty treatment. are talking about the same thing
oh my have put up the snap of that video too...I was kinda fed up of watching blurred video aired on star news whole night that day.

blackmail his patients into having sexual intercourse with him.
That doc himself is to ugly.... can his patients get into horrible act like this.

India(especially DELHI) is getting corrupted these days...everytime I open STAR NEWS, I get to hear about some rape incident. Its becoming a RAPE capital now. So cheap na??

Boldnbeautiful said...

yes U r first, I was 125th to comment on ur blog..

What a shame? what a shame? u know he is one old man, who has married daughter in Australia..

Yes I know Delhi is becoming the rape capital..

Touch wood, mumbai is better.. I am not scared to walk at 1 am in mumbai.

Invincible said...

Damn !!
once dimmed a service rather than a profession now showing such a pervy face.

So promiscuity has penetrated even the shores of the once called savior.

yukkkkkkkkk ..

GTH Mr. Parmar.

but y do the girls go for such implants !! (anyways that doesnt justify such acts of crap).

PuNeEt said...

That’s a good insight to the some of the evil practices happening over here…
I’ve heard about this…

Once you are caught in his trap, it is difficult to get out
Yes that’s so true…
infact I feel some help can be taken from the friends…
I’m sure everyone fears death… even such doctors’ will…

Now days a lot of news channel are trying to get insight to such happenings… and they are taking out things in open….

Hope they succeed in catching all such scandals…

Girlz should be careful selecting beauty/massage parlours…
Ye ISO certified… is a good suggestion…
And only the known ones… where the owner is known… and is a lady…

Good post dear….

Keshi said...

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Is this a real pic? omg how can a doc be this uncivilised?

Beware this can happen not only for plastic surgery etc patients but also to any patient going in for surgery nah? wut a shocker!

I think such docs need to be it already happening?

z000nie wuts this abt Delhi being the Rape capital now?

Informative post B&B!

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ invinci

Now a days medical profession is not at all the service, it is mere business.
Unless the initial amount is paid, they dont even do the First aid. In turn many die without the treatment.

**** but y do the girls go for such implants
Many girls suffer low confidence when they are Flat..

Many times to enhance the beauty. it is difficult to find good proposal if the girl does not have a good features..

Forget about the implants, what if a person is suffering from breast cancer?

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Puneet

Yes u r rite the news channel's are doing the good job..

So only many things are exposed..
We feel world is bad, so many unhealthy things are going around. Delhi is bieng a Rape capital..

It was every time there. Now things are exposed & common man get the insight.

Very true. one should definately go to known beautician itself. Still how can one trust?

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Keshi

Yes this is the real pic.. That maroon not only did harm to the girl but also recorded it in his handy cam to black mail the girl..

He should be hanged in public. Strange thing is his wife was aware of it.. She should be also prosecuted for hiding the information.

Delhi Being RAPE capital is very wierd thing happening in India..
Girl walking on the street are picked up by some bastards in Car & Gang Raping her.

Those RAPIST should be hanged. Why innocent girls on road?

Arz000n said...

You know Im so pissed off watching STAR NEWS which I do all the time once I get to back ma hotel....

After every 10 mins, there will be one news which says,

BREAKING NEWS: One gal was abducted in a van, raped and then dumped in some posh area of Delhi. Police says, investigation is going on and suspects will be prosecuted soon.

Else, Hidden Cam from so and so place recoverd where soem gal was shown naked n then black mailed.

WTF is going on??

Delhi has become such a sick placeto live now..I've already started to hate it. Every guy I look around while travelling on the streets makes me think that he is a rapist.

Jeeeez....Delhi is changing..
Our culture is changing
and on that the whole law and order is corrupted with sick people.


Very truly said Boldy, Mumbai and Pune are much betta place.

Keshi said...

omggg B&B and z000nie is this for real? I mean Delhi becoming a Rape city...goshhh scared me...I was gonna visit India early next year and Delhi was certainly one place I wanted to it scares me :(


Arz000n said...

I think Delhi police are working there a** off to make Delhi a safer city....and Im sure by year end things will be you dont change your plans of visiting India okie :)

Keshi said...

lol z000nie...

**working there a** off to make Delhi a safer city

goshhh hahaha! never mind...