Friday, April 28, 2006

Still they Gawk & ask

If your Mangal is strong, they back u out saying u bring bad luck on husband's Career.

If Your dad has not generated so much wealth, they back you out Coz u cannot pay the admission Fees(Dowry)

If You don’t have a Job they back you out Coz u cannot pay your maintenance fees.

If you are bit darker complexion they back you out Coz u may produce Darker off springs.

If you are Vegetarian they back you out coz you are not Non Vegetarian.

If you are a day older than a prospective guy, they back you out, coz it is not our custom to marry elder female.

If you are rich they back u out, coz u may be proud & not be an ideal bahu.

Some from Invincible

If u are taller than ur beau, then again its against our custom.

If u are earning more than ur beau, again u may have vanity and treat him disrespectfully.

If u are from higher 'cast' then u wd always undermine him

If u r from lower cast, then u r no match for the boy's esteemed family.

Oh my god there are so many factors to consider, match & mismatch to get married in India. Again still you guys ask me "Why am I not married"

It is not my story, it is every other unmarried gal's Woe. I was inspired to write this after bachchan's rejected Ash coz she is Manglik. In country like us every gal has to under go the Guy's Family tantraum no matter what u are? who u are?

Note:- So Guys & Gals, You are welcome to add your point to the list.


Invincible said...

Good u aint married yet.

"muuuuuuha, muuuuuuuha, Smooooch, Smoooooch"
:P :P

Thats a nice list
Add ons
If u are taller than ur beau, then again its against our custom.

If u are earning more than ur beau, again u may have vanity and treat him disrespectfully.

If u are from higher 'cast' then u wd always undermine him

If u r from lower cast, then u r no match for the boy's esteemed family.

Jeseem said...

people hav so myopic view.
if only they were more sensible.
For two people, the most important thing is whether they can get on together, be each other's best friend, some good times together and also give each other space to have their own individuality.
but somehow in all the stupid, bogus selection methods and formalities of the indian marriage selection process, you loose that basic individual's need.

Has to be me said...

I dont think the woes end with just marriage.....thats only the beginning! lol!
Most ppl want the lady to be a multi-talented robot.....must be able to please hubby, do everything for inlaws, raising children & do the needful for the kids, work @ home, Work to earn, cook well.....blah, blah.

Anand said...

Hey one more,
if you drink and smoke then ur otu.."ache gahr ki ladkiyan smoke and drink nahi karti"!:-)

Just A Human said...

Okay few questions to the learned lady. Find answer to these and your puzzle is solved.

The full moon brings out the worst in people: more violence, more suicides, more accidents, more aggression. The influence of the moon and behavior has been called "The Lunar Effect" or "The Transylvania Effect."

Forget a human brain, full moon affects tidal waves in the sea.

So that is one moon we are talking about, when a child is born there are millions and millions of stars which affects the energy source of that human body.

When an astrologer says "Manglik" it does not mean some crappie mythology there is science behind it, if done methodically.

Lots of other reasons...

Invincible said...

thnx for including the add-ns on ur post :)
Have a gr8 weekend BnB

Jackal said...

did bachchans really do tht ? whatever u wrote so true and lot of it really not required .......worse is tht u expect at least the educated ppl to move on.....but sadly tht's not happening.......tcc

sophie said...

wow..u gave me a good laughter...
but really pathetic Indian society

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Invinci :- Thanks for that adds on. Those are also very valid point in our society.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Jeseem :- Who cares whether u are compatable or not? Who understand the feelings?

In India parents ego hurts if thier ward go against thier wish.

If some cases Parents are just scapegoat for a guy, to ditch a girl.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Has to be me:- You are so true, her woe never end.

She never consider this as Woe, In Practical she feels its her responsibility.

She does with smile most of the time.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@anand yes indeed a Valid point. No smoke, no drink, no pre marital sex list is very long for achcha Kandaan ki ladki ke liye

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Just a Human :- OK I will take ur point about full moon effect.

What about other silly reason female gets rejected in day today's life by esteemed guy's Family?

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Invinci hey come on buddy :)

Great week end. Thank you,Long week end too:)

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Jack :-- Abhi dint call me & confirm me yet. lol, I am still waiting for his call. he hehe

I read in news paper that bachchan's believe a lot in Astrology.

Waise many successful people are Superstitious.Eg. Fekta he he he

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Sophia yes it is real pathetic.

Jackal said...

ok bold u tell me wht kind of guy ur looking may be i kind find some one who isn't bothered by the facts u mentioned :)))

Keshi said...

I so agree with u BnB. Goshhh talk abt marriages in Sri Lanka's exactly the same!! Altho it's changing a bit, these underlying stupid beliefs r still there..

here's my addition to the list:

If the girl had a boyfriend, she's no good cos she might not be a virgin.


Another one..

If the girl is dark, she's no good cos even if the boy is thousand times darker than a blackboard.

jeeeeeeez gimme a break u mum-in-laws!


Keshi said...

btw who rejected Ash and why???


Arz000n said...

I heard that Ash is back to being single...I think I shud make good use of ma charisma now...

I'm off for the whole week ahead...I want to give my 100% to win her ova :)

Wish me luck Boly!!

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Jack I will post in my next posting the requirement :d

Boldnbeautiful said...
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Boldnbeautiful said...

@Keshi :- Dont tell me even in Srilanka it is same fate.

May be it is a gift from India :d

As Virgin funda is too familiar in India.

Abhishek Bachchan's family rejected her.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Zoonie Make good use of ur spiked hair DO :)hehehe

All my 100% good wishes are with u Zoonie.

Pinki said...

yaar this list is never ending. even in this modern world, these so cvalled educated parents dont hesitate in selling their boys to the gal's family and doing all sotta nakhras and nautankis. Its really bad n sad to see such customs even in this 21st century. very oainful, indeed!!!

muaaaaah... a nice post dear :)

Keshi said...

**May be it is a gift from India

lol it is..cos most Sri Lankans r originally from India na...

o so was Ash being proposed to Abishek? goshhh!


Raj said...


starry nights said...

Nice post.Just stopped by.

Keshi said...

whats Manglik btw?


Boldnbeautiful said...

@Pinki :-- These Educated parents claim more stake on thier product hehehe

Atleast north India is better, they dont take dowry, but in South India dowry is compulsory.

Higher the education higher is the dowry.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Keshi Whenever Mars is situated in some specific house of a lunar chart it is called as "Manglik dosha

Read Just A Human Comment,He has more knowledge of it.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Raj :-:)

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Starry Nights:- Thank you.

Invincible said...

From my knowledge
Mangal has three drishties or visions viz 4, 8 n 12.
First locate the position of Mars in ur lunar chart (janm Kundali). Then start counting places from this position and if any of these 4/8/12th count falls on the 7th place (place of wedding/lagna), then the Kundali is said to be Mangalik.

But thats not it. Even other factors like friendly/adversary planets, strong jupiter etc matter on how intense would be impact of Mars.

Invincible said...

BTW, aish's mom denied any threat of Mangal in Ash's kundali.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@invinci lol I have very less knowledge about this, I only heard these term from my Family Purohit, who see our horoscope.

Thats good for Ash, Else media will create hell for her

How do we know said...

OK, here'sthe flip side:
If he is not chivalrous, he is out bcs he isnot a gentleman.
If he insists on paying, he is aMCP and is out.
If he is less educated than u, then he is out bcs u wont marry an illeterate.
if he is more educated than you then you wont marry him bcs your careers will anyway keep u apart.
If he is lvoed by women he is not "marriage material" bcs he will flirt all the time.
If he is not interesting to girls, then he is rejected bcs he is a "bore".
If he does not earn as much as u do your parents will not agree.
.. its a 2 sided story honey!