Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Venus Thought

If Men are from Mars, what is the problem if female is Manglik?lol.

Manglik:- Whenever Mars is situated in 1,4,7,8,12 th house of a lunar chart it is called as "Manglik dosha"


sanguine said...

heh hee .. good one here .

Jeseem said...

Dunno why even now people believe in all this astrology and stuff. few quotes from stephen hawkings-
`When it was discovered that the Earth was not the center of the universe, astrology became impossible,'
or in more scientific terms
`The reason most scientists don't believe in astrology is because it is not consistent with our theories that have been tested by experiment,'

so why can't we forget all this nonsense about where that big piece of rock called moon was, when we were born and live on happily

Jackal said...

hmm i really dont care who came frm where....the person matters n nothing more :)))

Jackal said...

btw i have a new one..but u can't be first some one jumped on it as soon it went up :)

Keshi said...

omg thanks for letting us know that...:) Cos my mum knows all this stuff and she says the same! lol!

Goshhh I hate astrology...I mean when it comes to Love, I dun give a damn abt anything else but Love!


Invincible said...

cos English Men r from Mars.
Indian males are from the Earth only. May be they are the original inhabitants and enlish from Mars r intruders.

Jackal said...

ok where ru hiding now :( ......

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Ashish Gupta said...

why is it even being talked about here ?????????????

bad bad bad [-x