Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mommy, your judgement is wrong

The most amusing thing in the world is Indian wedding. The grooms & brides family invite the people for the wedding in order to share thier pleasure & seek the blessing for newly wed.Instead people have 100 intension other than these two.

Aunties ( I mean elderly ladies)attend the wedding to exibit thier jewellary, heavy designer saree. Guys attend wedding for bird watching. Oh my gawd, some guys literally have thier jaws hanging.Some girls attend the marraige for mom's pressure. Some Mom attend for hunting wud-be-Son in law.
Once I happen to attend the wedding for the same reason some years back.

Me:- Oh my god mom, ask me to jump from 10th floor, please leave me alone.

My mom:-Mr.XYZ son has come from U.S.I want to talk to Mr.XYZ about the proposal.

Me:- I dont want to be Gungi gudiya. I wont come

My mom:- If you dont listen to me, then I dont let you go for ur higher studies.

Me(in mind):- Mom I have 100 distructive ways for spoiling this.

My adamant mom took me to wedding. I went with her cribbing,grumbling.The torture was not just attending the wedding. I was made to wear Fancy dress.I mean a saree & lots of Jewelary. Mom am I a mobile Jewellary store. Mom looked at me with her sharp eyes.

I was sitting in midst of aunties coz it was mom's order.They were more interested in my marraige than the current marraige.They were discussing of my marraige. Mom said them to find some one suitable to me.

Mom was eagerly waiting for Mr.XYZ to arrive. He arrived with his family. Mom was about ask about Mr.XYZ son, he stood in front of my mom with his American wife. "Hi aunty hows u doing,meet Jenny"

I was holding hanky to my mouth & burst out laughing.

Part II to be continued


Anand said...

U didnt have to do a thing!!
Life has its great ways of solving things...hahh!

Arz000n said...


talk abuot indian wedding...and I know whts happening at ma home too :)

Jeseem said...

Ooo the great indian weddings
i wonder when we will have small more silent wedding, which will be a joy to attend, somewhere where u can be urself and not have to act as society demands.

so u had a good escape this time and a good laugh too :)

Invincible said...

I hate those aunties and distant elder cousins who collectively conspire to get you butchered.

Jackal said...

so u escaped......haha..i know its really dumb.....some how we are still stuck there......

Jackal said...

btw did u have any pics frm tht wedding wud love to c u all dressed up..saree n ur jewels :))

Pinki said...

ha ha ha
cant stop laughing :-)

i cant imagine but can expect my parents doing the same in coming year.. they too are getting worried for my marriage n r neigbours n relatives are even more worried :D

indeed, its a golden opportunity for the males to see the decorated babes.. ;)

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Anand :- he he yepp life solves all the problem just we need patience :)

@Zoonie:- Its great news, So u will invite me for Srikand, puri, masala baath treat na :)

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Jaseem:- Either People wants to show off or thee is a demand from the society.
Ofcourse u are very much right, at least on marraige day there should be a silence as bomb is going to blast there after in maried couples life hehehe just klidding

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Invincible:- Yes those aunties are pain in the Neck.

In fact relatives are pain.
Note:- Hope my relatives wont read this.else they will bash me

@ Jackal:- Oh so sorry I dont have pic of that drama.lol

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Pinki All the best dear.

If I am not wrong nieghbours & relatives brain wash mom's. Else for parents thier daughter's are still kid.

Ekta said...

bach gayi!!

How do we know said...

Where is Part 2? i was waiting for it.. !

How do we know said...

Where is Part 2? i was waiting for it.. !