Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What a girl is waiting for!

This Gal is waiting for a time to Blog.


PuNeEt said...


That’s hilarious…

No second backup available… just incase


Keshi said...

lollllllllllz I have seen this b4 n I quite agree men with all of that dun exist - not in a zillion years :)


Hagrid said...

:) common.. gal.
u can do better than that..
cheers .. like ur style though !


Invincible said...

so u r back .. survived 07/26 deluge .. n draining out the water (read frustration) on all guykind !!

wot is a guy waitin 4

a girl who is beautiful
a girl who is bold

So here ends my wait .. .. :) yo hoo !

on serious note,
a girl whose face can make him forget all the woes of life

a girl who has brains n can vibe with him

(there r few more but i think these 2 r enf to make him wait till eternity .. .. )

Dewdrop said...

aww poor girl, about time she alters her yearnings.
btw, me new here. nice thoughts.

Arz000n said...

That was good one :)
It sure made me smile at the start of ma day. Thanks

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Puneet it is Clintonious he he. If not Hilary, Luwinskey is always available as Back up

@ I bet Keshi, Forget Zillion, If one wait for Zillion square of Zillion years, Hard to find one ;)

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Ofcourse ofcourse I can do better than this.

@ Thanks Dewdrop. Girl is not poor. No way she wont alter her yearning.
;)Lioness never eat Grass she will hunt only flesh lolol

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ invincible :) Yupp I am back.
All these expectations can be only on joke part.
On serious note, it is better lesser you expect better u r.

@ Arz00n Thanks & Nice to know that I can make some one laugh ;);)he he he

But I am disappointed. I was waiting for the Pause period posting :(((

Keshi said...

lolllzz B&B I fully u'stand ya :):)


amit said...

totally agree with it,,,:)

iyer education said...

prolly, the woman hasnt met me yet... just kiddin... had she met me, she wudnt have to wait thru all those images... she wud die that same instant...

came here thru debalina's blog...

nice place you have here


Hirdu said...

:)lets see what Mumbai has for me ...I shall be there today !!

Hagrid said...

No hard feelings *s*
we are all waitign for a new post ..
though I am suffering from BLOooGers BLOCK myself :(

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Amit :) thanks

@ruplestiltskin :- thanks anyways.

@hirdu great u are coming to mumbai, if we had planned before we could meet

@ hagrid he he he always I have softie feelings