Saturday, March 11, 2006

Call Of Lust

From my diary
Another Long day, Same release funda, one more night out. Now a days it has been a routine. came home fully tired, Was 3 A.M, eyes were fighting to keep open.Legs were refusing to walk.

Thought shall drink some juice before crashing, as in london during night outs, only available stuff is pizza. Went into kitchen opened a fridge to take a juice, could see a light in opposite house. A handsome guy in that kitchen.

Now what? Should I miss this chance? My inner mind said na, My eyes were wide open, My legs were in a mood to dance . Now what to do? I said yeah! Lots of utensil in sink waiting to get cleaned. Yes I was more happinier then Archimedis. I said Eureka. Started cleaning utensils all bright & glittering. Handsome guy too started cleaning his utensils. Exchanging a glimpse, smile both continued. He was still in kitchen with his black cat. I said now tomorrow is another day.

Shall catch some sleep now. Just Waved at that handsome, said good night, Slipped into sleep. If behind every sucessful man , if there a women , Behind every glittering utensil of mine, there is a handsome nieghbour... What a inspiration?


Jigal.. said...


let me read post....


take care

Jigal.. said...


lol @ behind every glittering utensil of mine, there is a handsome neighbour...

nice post may be he is saying same..


take care

Hirdu said...

you and yr naughitiness-mess

Jeseem said...

just wave good night :-(
why not give him a call.
u never know who might finally understand u rt

Keshi said...

**Behind every glittering utensil of mine, there is a handsome nieghbour...

ROFL good one babez!


Yashita said...

1st time on ur blog:)
and had me laughing d very 1st time:)

lol@"Behind every glittering utensil of mine, there is a handsome nieghbour"

i could relate to everything out here!!recently while comin back from a train journey, i was about to hit the bed wen a handsome guy joined us!!! wat then!!! sleep just flew tht very instant!!!i was awake the whole nite chattin wid him:)

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Jigal thank u. he he he.may be he said so.

Boldnbeautiful said...

@hirdu :);) lol

@Keshi thank u :)

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ yashita

Welcome to my world.

That is magicpill. It works.:)lol

Anand said...

I never thot washing utensils could be such a "motivating" task!
Unfortunately I do not have a window with a grt view..sigh!

Dewaker Basnet said...


susubala said...

Man.....just getting to read ur proverb again & again..

But its true and not meant to be a joke ! Nice post dear !