Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Dekho aayi
rang layi

picthkari uda hain
banke hain
ghata mann jhum utha
rang chalke hain neele
hare laal
Have a Safe & Colourful Holi !!!! ;-))

Tip:- Apply heavy coat of coconut oil to your hair & a Coat of Vasaline or baby oil to ur body to get away with colors easily


Alapana said...

Happy Holi To You Too:)

uttara said...

happy holi sweetyyy
hugggzzzzzzzzz miss u loadsss

have a colourful day :d


Keshi said...

oh thanks for that tip cos Im going to the Sydney Holi festival :) lol I dun think I can put so much coconut oil on my hair cos then I wont look that galmorous but I'll cope..lollz!

Happy Holi to u too babez!


Jigal.. said...


Happy Holiiiiiiiiiiiiii......

Rang barse bhige chunarvali rang barse..


take care

Arz000n said...

Happy Holi to you too Boldy!!!

How you doing??

luvwannabefree25 said...

just ran across your site tonight... cool stuff...

Hirdu said...

Who wants to be away from colors ???

Boldnbeautiful said...

@alpana THank you. & wish u had great holi

@Thanks uttara. hugzz to u too

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Keshi lol glamarous at holi. When we were in collage we used to play the holi on beach with guys. So to look glamorous (avoid looking like Ghost), we used to prefer most red, Pink, yellow. Avoid blue, Green etc.

PuNeEt said...

hey dear
wishing u a very happy holi

Ur tip is being followed since years :-)


Boldnbeautiful said...


Sone ki thaali main jona parosa
Are, sone ki thaali main jona parosa
Haan, sone ki thaali main jona parosa
Are, khaye gauri ka yaar balam tarse rang barse

Boldnbeautiful said...

@ Zoonie muaaaaha after long time. I am Good & enjoying my life.

How are u chintamani?

Boldnbeautiful said...

@LuvWannabefree25 :-- Thank you

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Hirdu lol yes yes who wants to get away with colors?

Boldnbeautiful said...

@Puneet Thank you dear.

ha ha old wine in new bottle :)

Dewaker Basnet said...

did not come across ur blog till ysterday..or else would have followed the instructions..had a nice holi party at a place called zero G in recidency road..danced till 11.30..hope u had a nice time too:)

Keshi said...

yep, selective holi lol!